We are fortunate to have new accommodation, with generous space. All parts of the modern building can be accessed at ground level. Wide doorways are wheelchair-friendly and the hall contains an induction loop for those with hearing difficulties. Disabled parking is available closest to the main Reception. A disabled toilet and medical room are also situated near the entrance to the school for convenience.

Timings of the school day

8.25am The gate to the main playground is unlocked for access
8.45am The whistle blows and children line up with their class to be escorted in to school
8.50am Registration
8.50am Early Work – children practice basic skills: handwriting, spelling, times tables etc
9.10am Collective Worship (9am on Friday for Celebration Assembly to which all parents/carers are invited
9.30am Lessons
10.30am Morning break 
10.45am Lessons
12 noon Lunchtime
1.15pm Children return to classes for registration and quiet reading
1.40pm Lessons all afternoon
2.30pm Afternoon break for Classes 1 and 2
2.45pm Lessons resume for Classes 1 and 2
3.25pm End of the day for Classes 1 and 2
3.30pm End of the day for Classes 3 and 4

KS2 Teaching time: 24 hours 35 minutes per week

KS1 Teaching time: 22 hours 55 minutes per week

Download this file (Accessibility Plan 2016.pdf)Accessibility Plan 2016