Instrument Tuition

We offer piano lessons with Mrs Pumfrey. Please contact the office for more information.


See the attachment below for information regarding learning other instruments at school.

Download this file (cm_sound_it_out_2013.pdf)Cambridgeshire Music

BBC Music - Ten Pieces

Ten Pieces encourages children to listen to classical music. We have creative workshops based on Ten Pieces and have enjoyed a visit into school.

Ten Pieces Logo

Piano assembly jun 17

African Drum jan 2017

Class 1music cl1 oct16

Class 1 often do their warm ups in a circle.

This is a warm up class 1 have learnt. When they are more confident at it, the children will take turns to be the leader.

The children enjoy singing songs from around the world. A Keelie comes from Africa. It is a call and response song.

music cl2 oct16Class 2

Class 2 have been learning to control their musical instruments. We use  the signals 'rest position' and 'ready to play' in lessons

The children took turns to be the composer, arranging the symbols, and the conductor. The class learnt to play their instruments loudly and quietly and to follow the conductor carefully.

music cl 3 oct16Class 3

Class 3 made up rhythm patterns for a space rap.

They wrote the rhythms.

They clapped the rhythms.

They performed the rap.

music cl4 b oct 16Class 4

Class 4 have been learning to play the recorder.

They learnt the notes D, E, F sharp, G A B, C and top D.

They used these notes to learn a tune.

They will practise this, then play it as a round.


samba day

Samba Workshop

Music assembly

Piano Players Assembly 2012

piano assembly