Below is a collection of links related to E-Safety, giving parents and children advice on how to stay safe online.

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Please find our E-Safety policy as an attachment at the bottom of this page.


Internet Safety Sites
Think You Know - An Internet Safety Site for parents, teachers and students:

thinkuknow logo

Mum’s Net - A site for parents on current issues, including Internet Safety:

mums net

Childline - Information and advice on Internet Safety:


Childnet International - Information and advice on Internet Safety:


BBC WebWise - advice on using the Internet:

BBC Webwise

The UK council for Child Internet Safety:

Information on the CEOP Report Abuse Button:

ceop button

How to download the “Report Abuse Button” to your toolbar:

Guides to Music, Film and the Internet from Childnet:


Free online filters
Filter related sites
Tutorials on many topics, including how to apply filters:
Google Safe Search - A filter system that can be applied directly to Google:

google safe search


Download this file (BG E-Safety Policy 2015.pdf)BG E-Safety Policy 2015