A message from Karina Joyce, Chair of the PTA

For those of you who don’t know me my name is Karina Joyce, the chair of the PTA, my daughter Ilana is in year 4.
I’m going to give you a quick over view of the role of the PTA here at Burrough Green School.
Many schools have a PTA, Parents Association or Friends of… Group, whatever they are called they all serve a really important role in their school. As a parent or carer of a BG pupil you are automatically a member of the PTA. Whilst fund-raising is traditionally a major part of a PTA's activities and directly contributes to the improvement of the school, there's more to it than that.
In a nutshell, PTA members provide much needed helpers for the school when extra hands are required, we hold social events to help build the school community, and provide support to parents in times of change. The varied work means there's something for everyone, whether it is baking cakes, making tea, selling raffle tickets, or manning after school swimming sessions - it's not just about being on the committee.
Younger children love to see their parents in school, especially if we are a working parents who aren’t always there for them at drop off and pick up. We should make the most of this time – I’m sure it will not be the case once they become teenagers.
When Ilana started school in 2013, we knew it was an important time for her, but it was also important for us as a family as well. So in Sept 2013 we started a relationship with this school, a school that neither myself or partner knew much about, and we realised we’d be involved with it for at least the next seven years.
Of course we wanted Ilana to be at a school where she could excel, where their were opportunities, and that she enjoyed attending. We want the school to provide the best education and experience for her – and that includes more than just great teaching. The overall experiences that the children have while at school include many activities organised (and paid for) by the PTA. For example; the summer term after school swimming; last years whole school trip to the beach, and the recent purchase of new ipads, to name a few.
As a working parent I knew I wouldn’t have much regular contact with the school, I’m not often at drop off or pick up, and we don’t live in Burrough Green. Joining the PTA has been a great way for me to get to know people at the school, from the headteacher and teaching staff, to other parents. Being part of the PTA has helped me to understand how things in the school work, it’s a long time since I was at school and things are very different now! Our PTA is well supported by all the teaching staff, and is valued by them for how it supports the school.
I have to admit, I was worried about getting involved with the PTA – I had visions of being expected to commit large chunks of my time to the school, time which I don’t have, but that’s not the case. The truth is that any help you can provide, however small is very much appreciated. After all ‘many hands do make light work’.
In times of such financial pressures on schools, fund raising will become more and more important, and that is why we are setting up a new committee, Burrough Green funding for Education, this will be a joint group with play group and take care of the larger fundraising events. And which Paul will tell you more about. Burrough Green PTA will continue its important role in supporting our school with smaller ‘events’, remember all money raised by the PTA goes directly back to all of our children’s education.
Please come along to our PTA AGM on Wed 27th September at 7pm, your support is vital for our success and who knows you too may meet some new friends. You will be pleased to hear all the current committee members are happy to re-stand, so you wont be under any pressure to take up a role you are not ready for!