PTA Minutes

Please find minutes to previous meetings here.

Minutes of the PTA AGM held on Monday, 3rd October 2016
at 8pm at Burrough Green School.

Present: Keith Archer, Karina Joyce, Sheena Brusell, Michelle Wishart, Susanne Hinde, Karen Langlands, Lindsey Taylor, Ruth Durham, Lynda Godden, Adiel Khan, Ansa Khan, Madeline Campbell, Claire Metcalfe

1. Apologies
Sam McLaren, Vron Lewis, Angela Harris, Carla Nicholson, Rhiannon Price, Polly Fenwick, Stacey Read, Ellie Stirk, Hayley Gerrard

2. Head teacher’s Report
KA thanked the PTA for all the unseen hard work they do throughout the year.
Mighty Maths had a tremendous attendance and further events will be planned in the future.
There will be an open afternoon for the children to show their work on 18 November.

3. Chair’s Report
See below for the full report.

4. Treasurer’s Report
The balance in the current account is £4,626.55.
The balance in the deposit account is £6,527.66.

Income for the last year came from:
Sponsored walk - £1,688 (claimed £228 gift aid which will be shown in 2016/17 accounts)
KS1 Nativity and raffle - £621
KS2 Production and raffle - £668
Family Bingo - £362

Expenditure for the last year:
Contribution of £200 to each class - £800
Coach for school trip to Hunstanton - £905
Visit by a French Theatre - £225
Contribution to bark for play area - £275

Deposit account - We received a £5,000 donation thanks to the generosity of the family of our friend Frances Dow. This is to be allocated for experiences for the children.

5. Election of Officers
A new committee was voted in:
Chair – Karina Joyce
Secretary – Susanne Hinde
Treasurer – Sheena Brusell
Karen Langlands will work alongside Sheena over the next year with a view to taking over as Treasurer in 2017.

Class reps are as follows (with names of their children in brackets):
Class 1 – Claire Metcalfe (Rachel) [Another person needed for Class 1]
Class 2 – Lynda Godden (Emily) and Stacey Read (Ruby)
Class 3 – Vron Lewis (Tom) and Madeline Campbell (Alfie)
Class 4 – Emma Eagle (Charlotte) and Michelle Wishart (Thomas)

6. Children in Need – Friday 18 November
The children will be making and eating their own cakes. It will be a dress down day with a theme of “spots”. The children will be asked for a £1 donation to Children in Need to dress down and have a cake on the day.

7. Open Afternoon – Friday 18 November
The PTA will be providing refreshments in the school hall. There will be an E-Safety talk for parents on this afternoon.

8. Nativity – Wednesday 14 December 2pm/6pm
The PTA will provide refreshments at each performance. A request for helpers will be sent out nearer the time. A list for hamper donations will be given out to class reps a couple of weeks before the Nativity.

9. Disco
It was decided to hold a disco on Friday 4 November. Glow in the dark theme. It was agreed that it worked well to ask playgroup children to the KS1 disco. PTA to provide glow in the dark items to purchase on the night and refreshments.
Request for parent helpers at each disco. Madeline Campbell offered to help at KS2 disco.
KS1 – 6pm-7pm
KS2 – 7.15pm-8.15pm

10. Fundraising ideas
It was agreed that the Family Bingo is a fun event and this should be held in early 2017.
It was agreed that a questionnaire to all parents could go out to see what would be a popular idea. Ideas that were discussed was a quiz, film afternoons, summer party/Ceilidh.
KA mentioned a previous idea of collecting 1 million pennies. The children would collect pennies at home and bring them into school.

11. AOB
It was agreed that the classes would each get £200 to put towards resources and cooking ingredients.
KA is planning on replacing the picnic benches in the playground and is looking at benches with game boards so the children can play games. PTA would like to help with a donation towards these.
It is hoped to have another whole school trip this academic year.
Regarding expanding on uniform items, we will look into further items that could be purchased. The PE t-shirts have been very popular and look fantastic, particularly on sports day.

12. Date for next meeting


Burrough Green Primary School PTA Annual Report for the AGM
Mon 3rd October 2016 at the School

The Burrough Green Primary School Parent Teachers Association (PTA) is a charity which is run by a committee elected each year at this Annual General Meeting.
The committee currently consists of: Chair, a Secretary and Treasurer.
All parents are automatically committee members and we also have a teacher representative – Angela Harris.
Each year group has a parent class representative who organises cakes and hamper donations (and anything else that crops up) from their child’s class.

For those who don’t know, the objectives of the PTA are to advance the education of the pupils by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education at the school (not normally provided by the Local Education Authority) and to foster more extended relationships between the staff, parents, pupils and others associated with the school and engage in activities which support the school and advance the education of the pupils attending it.

The money raised by the PTA over the last year has been used in a variety of ways. Some examples of this are:
• Whole school trip to the beach
• Bark for playground
• KS2 French theatre
• Olympic dance workshop
• Refreshments at a number of school events including KS1 nativity, Mayday and KS2 production.
• To train, in resuscitation, volunteers to open the school pool after school, at weekends and during the school summer holiday.

The main activity of the PTA has been the organisation of fundraising events and social events to further relationships between the pupils, teachers and parents. The Treasurer’s report shows the breakdown of these events.

Regular PTA led activities include

• School Discos - The Disco events have proved very popular with a large proportion of the children attending. Very special thanks go to DJ Stu. The children have really enjoyed his discos and we hope to continue with these this year.

•Refreshments and hampers for Nativity, KS2 production, May Day and open afternoons - Parents have benefitted from refreshments on these special school occasions, and had the chance via a lucky square to win luxury hampers at the productions.

• After school and weekend swimming – The PTA supply 2 trained volunteers to open the school pool to enable the children to swim. Last summer we achieved this 3 days a week.

• Sponsored walk – We held our first sponsored event in recent times with the whole school walking to Brinkley. This was a huge success and is hoped that we can plan a sponsored event this year.

Like a lot of voluntary organisations the PTA has struggled over the years with membership and volunteers. Here at Burrough Green a dedicated group of people have given up a lot of time and effort to make sure that the planned events can go ahead. We really need your support and help, however little time you can spare, as it all helps.

• Reward for parent helping at PTA events – During the last school year we introduced a draw for helpers at PTA events. Every time a person helped us out we put their name in the hat. At the end of term Sarah Evans won a voucher for Nancy’s teashop. We will continue to do this during this academic year.

I would like to give special thanks to my very supportive secretary – Michelle and Treasurer Sheena for all their time, mostly unseen hard work and for their support.
Both Michelle’s and Sheena’s children are now in their last years at our school. Michelle feels the time has come to stand down as secretary, so she can enjoy Thomas’ last year at Burrough Green, as a parent, rather than an organiser, although knowing Michelle she will still get involved. Sheena would like to find someone willing to take over as treasurer, and to use this year as a hand over period. I hope that some of you here tonight will consider being nominated for posts for the PTA either this year or in years to come. If you don’t feel ready to join the committee please volunteer to help with events the more people we have to help, the more the work load can be shared.

On a personal note I would like to take this opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed being involved with the PTA for the last year. I won’t deny that at times it’s been hard work on top of a full working week and everything else that has been going on in my life. When Ilana joined the school I didn’t know many people and not always being at drop off and pick up didn’t help, but being involved in the PTA has given me an opportunity to get to know lots more parents and teachers.

A big thank you to everyone who has been involved in the PTA during the last year and for all your support and enthusiasm. By no means least a special ‘Thank you’ to you all for turning up tonight. Remember everything we raise goes directly back to our children’s education in some way.

Finally I wish the PTA a very successful 2016 /2017 and am confident that it will be a very good year for the PTA.

Karina Joyce
Chair, Burrough Green Primary PTA




Thank you to Michelle and Izzy for installing the eye catching PTA notice board located outside in the courtyard. 

PTA Notice Board


may day flowers

May Day 2014

The PTA held a headdress and button hole workshop on the eve of May Day which was very successful. Parents came for an evening get-together to help create some beautiful headdresses and help with button hole and posy making.

The following morning the atrium was very floral with PTA members making the posies that would be distributed around the village.

Thank you to all the PTA who helped to decorate the school and supply and serve a lovely afternoon tea.


pta flowers

What is the PTA?

A PTA (Parent Teacher Association) is a group of like minded people, parents and teachers, who are interested in supporting the school; creating a partnership between the parents, teachers and other associated with the school. This in turn provides the opportunity for everyone (parents / teacher) to work together with a common goal.
The PTA has 3 Elected members (Chairman, Secretary & and Treasurer) which are voted in annually at the PTA AGM from the volunteer committee members.
What do we do?
Fundraise to help the school provide ‘Extras’. For example:
1) for the pupils such as subsidising school trips and special activities (dancing lessons, puppet shows etc).
2) for school such as purchasing of new equipment and providing occasional extra maintenance.
3) regular financial assistance with school photocopying and hiring of the Reading Room for school functions including dining facilities for those children having packed lunches.
Run Social events for parents and children which can be a great opportunity to meet & get to know each other.
Support the school in its present and future need.
Types of Fundraising:
· Sponsored events inside (Spelling / Maths) and outside (Cycle rides) the school environment.
· Providing refreshments for all school productions / events.
· Auctions and Summer Party
· Donations
Changes to our PTA:
· In 2004 we formally established our ‘Constitution’, which sets out generally guideline / rules for the operation of the PTA.
· 2nd March 2004 we became a ‘Registered Charity’ with the Charity Commission. This is on hold during 2010/11 but hope to reinstate it soon.
Summary; Our Aims
To advance the education of pupils in the school by;
Developing effective relationships between staff, parents and others associated with the school.
Engaging in activities and providing facilities or equipment which support the school too advance the education of the pupils.
All parents and teachers are very welcome to join and participate in the PTA, even if they only have a small amount of free time available to offer. We always need new people with enthusiasm to keep the PTA a fresh and dynamic part of our school.

PTA FUNDRAISING is a leading UK online marketing network serving a wide range of brand name shops. The school has a webshop which is completely FREE to run, and all you have to do is place your online shopping orders through the\burroughgreenschool webshop link too get great value and exclusive discounts - and raise up to 15% of the cost of every purchase made via your webshop.
Our webshop will contain an ever-growing number of retailers such as BT, Comet, Teleflorist, Thorntons, Marks & Spencer and John Lewis.
Please have a browse in our shop at any time; just follow this link…

New school uniform items, (such as Pique Shirts, Cardigans and Jumpers) can be purchased through the PTA. Order forms can be printed from the website for purchases through the academic year or for further details, please contact Sheena Brusell (PTA Treasurer) via the school office.
Second hand uniform is often sold at events such as May Day and Sports Day.

General Links
NCPTA(National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations)
NCPTA Membership No.11502; School PostcodeCB8 9NH
NCPTA, a registered charity, is the membership organisation for Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) and other home school partnerships throughout England Wales and Northern Ireland.
CEFM (Centre for Education & Finance Management)
A team of dedicated specialists assisting staff fully to understand and implement new initiatives, saving time and money which can both be spent elsewhere.
Charity Commission
The Charity Commission is established by law as the regulator and registrar for charities in England and Wales.
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